Our services are tailored to your precise requirements – we never forget that you have a choice when it comes to picking a cleaning company, so we work tirelessly to ensure that JP Commercial Cleaning is the best possible option for your needs.

Commercial Steam Cleaning machine combines advanced steam technology and uses little water with NO CHEMICALS, providing the highest standards of cleaning and hygiene with low environmental impact.

          Let me introduce you SC2000DT


The SC2000 is one of the most versatile commercial Steam and Vacuum cleaners on the market today. With 6 bar steam pressure at a volume of 2.6 kg/hr and continuous steam output it has enough power to cope with the dirtiest surfaces and to sanitise to the highest standards. It’s compact size and cost effectiveness makes it ideal for every type of business from contract cleaning through to food retailing and residential care.

The SC 2000 utilizes the latest steam technology and uses very little water with NO CHEMICALS, so providing maximum standards of cleaning and hygiene with minimum environmental impact.


The SC 2000 is a multifunctional compact steam generator, designated for cleaning and disinfecting. Thanks to its power ensures a professional result.

Perfect for cleaning windows hoods, ovens, carpets, marble floors, laminate flooring, bathroom fittings, metal surfaces and tiles.

Ideal for steam cleaning in Domestic, Hospitals, Care Homes, Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping Centres, Fitness Centres, Beauty shops etc.


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